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Virtual Clutter Consulting

With this service, clients are able to get organized and maintain their space on a long-term basis, which improves focus and increases productivity. Delivering results in a work setting or personal environment requires ongoing development and maintenance, strategic focus and the implementation of effective practices. These sessions are sold in two-hour increments and can be used in one appointment, or they can be divided into 2 - 4 sessions depending on area of focus and client preference. Our goal is for our clients to receive the most value possible for their investment. A Clutter Consultant will work with you via various platforms (i.e. FaceTime or Zoom) to get you organized and support you in elevating your performance.





(Your purchase includes a

15-minute phone consultation

to set goals and determine if 

there is any pre-work required before the session.)

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Loni Mendez, MBA - Founder

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