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Your Trusted Leisure & Travel Advisor

Since the early 90's, I have engaged in travel as a way of finding balance in my busy life and enjoying restoration on a regular basis. Over the years I have traveled to 36 states, 13 countries and I take approximately four - six trips per year. I've enjoyed ziplining, tubing, horseback riding, wine-tasting, and many other enjoyable excursions and I have found purpose in sharing my travel life with others. At the root of my ability to travel is my passion for conducting thorough research and using hacks that allow me to enjoy these life-changing experiences without spending a fortune.


Allow me to use my 30 years of travel experience to plan your next business trip, getaway or romantic excursion.

Click below to schedule a conversation about how you can benefit from my breadth of knowledge in the travel arena to make that next trip a reality on a budget that will trump the cost of any package purchased from a travel agent. For group trips I can connect you with some world class agencies that plan and manage extraordinary group events.

Loni Mendez, Founder

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